Corporate Breakfast and Lunches.

We are well aware how important your clients and employees are to you.

Our Corporate catering services can provide a variety of food options for your employee functions such as meetings, training session. Company parties, and other corporate events. These services can customize menus based on dietary restrictions, preferences, and themes of the event.

Corporate Continental Breakfast Package #1

Treat Your Guests to a Tempting Assortment of Freshly Baked Delights!

Each Guest will receive one of the following:

* Savory Vegetable Muffins

*Sweet Apple or Cherry Danish

*Assorted Fruit Skewers

Priced per person.

We present your orders on Stylish Friendly Platters.

$14.50 per person (Minimum 12 Guests)


Corporate Breakfast Package #2

Our Breakfast Package #2 will give Your Guests one each of the following:

1. Mini Warmed Croissants: An Assortment of Ham and Cheese and Thinly Sliced Jersey Tomato and White American Cheese

2. Greek Yogurt Fruit Cups topped with Fresh Strawberries.

3. Fruit Skewers

$19.50 per Guest (Minimum 12 Guests)


Served Corporate Breakfast Package #3

Want the perfect line up for your next Corporate meeting?

Look no further than Our Package #3

Each Guest will receive one:

1. Mini Belgian Waffle: Topped with Strawberries and Fresh Cream or Nutella and Mashed Banana.

2. Fresh baked mini Veggie Frittata: Vegetarian and Gluten free

3. Assorted Bagel Sliders: Fillings such as Bacon and Scrambled Egg or Sausage Pattie and Scrambled Egg or Scrambled Egg and Wilted Spinach. All with Jalapeños Jack or Cheddar Cheese.

4. Fruit Skewers with Strawberries and Blueberries. Sweet Cream Cheese Drizzle 

$24.50 per Guest (Minimum 12 Guests)


Set up and go! Corporate Breakfast Sandwiches:

$12 per guest. Served on Bagels or Hard Rolls (Min 20)

Egg, Bacon and cheese

Egg, sausage and Cheese

Egg, Taylor Ham and Cheese


Add-on to your package with the Indulgence of our Mini Croissants.

Generously filled with your choice fillings.

1. Champagne Ham and Cheddar Cheese, Sliced 

Tomato and a Dijon Aioli

2. Gourmet Sliced Tomato, Cheddar Cheese and a Dijon Aioli

$4 extra per guest (Minimum 12 Guests)


Add on to your package with the indulgence of our English muffins they are the Ultimate Breakfast Experience.

1. Fried egg and Pork roll, Cheddar Cheese and Garlic Aioli

2. Fried Egg Wilted Spinach and Cheddar Cheese

$6 extra per guest (Minimum 12 Guests)


Add on to your package with the indulgence of our Mini Pancakes. They are stacked with Fresh Cream and Strawberries for the sweet tooth in the office.

$5 extra per Guest (Minimum 12 Guests)


Set up and Go! Corporate Lunch Hoagie Trays

$14 per Guest (Min 25)

All served on 4 in Hoagie Rolls with Lettuce, Tomato, Sliced Onion. Italian Dressing, Mustard and Mayo included.


Ham and Cheese

Turkey and Cheese

Potato Salad

Potato Chips

Corporate Lunch Boxes

All Items come with Lettuce and Tomato, Garlic Aioli or Dijon Mustard. Bag of Kettle Chips and a Large Chocolate Chip Cookie packaged  in a brown paper box.

minimum 12 guests

Set Up and Go!

Sandwich choice: (3)

1. Turkey and Baby Swiss

2. Ham and Cheddar

3. Chicken Salad

4. Roast Beef and Provolone


Snack Lunch Box Options:

1. Snack time lunch box Includes:

Choice from our Sandwich options:

(1 Hard Roll Sandwich, Cookie and Chips.)

$14 per Guest (Minimum 12 Guests)


Sandwich Lunch Box #1: 

1. Brioche Sandwich, Mini Caesar Salad Cup, Fresh Fruit Cup. (Choice from our sandwich selection)

$18 per Guest (Minimum 12 Guests)


Sandwich Lunch Box #2: 

1. Deli Wrap Sandwich (choice from our sandwich selection)  Mini Caesar Salad Cup and Fresh Fruit Cup and Dessert Cup

$20  (Minimum 12 Guests)


Add On Grazing Platters

Minimum 12 Guests

All Platters Come Served on a Disposable Platter.


1. Veggie and Dips Platter:

Sliced Vegetables like carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and assortment of Crackers 

Assorted Hummus, Tzatziki, Dill Dips

$15 per Guest (Minimum 12 Guests))


2. Mediterranean Platter

Bring the flavors of The Mediterranean to your office.

Assortment of Salami, Smoky Ham Chunks, Eggplant Caviar, Kalamata Olives, Stuffed Bell peppers, Marinated Feta, Balsamic infused Mushrooms and a duo of dips and Rustic Bread.

$20 per Guest (Minimum 12 Guests))


3. Gourmet Cheese Platter

Featuring  a Rich and Creamy Havarti, Sharp Cheddar, Creamy Blue Cheese Chunk's and a medley of accompaniments like sweet apricots, dried fruits, fresh strawberries and White Grapes. Plus Crackers, Bread Sticks, Rustic Bread slices perfect for the pairing experience.

$22 per Guest (Minimum 12 Guests)


Boston Themed Lunch Boxes:

Minimum 15

Water Front $24 pp

Lobster Salad in a brioche, Clam Dip with Chips, Boston Cream Parfait


Fenway Park

$14 pp

Minimum 12

Sausage, peppers and onion Sun, Potato Chips, Fudge Brownie


Hot Buffet and Sides 

Let our Expert Chef Caterer your next event. We create Wholesome and Generous Buffets That your Guests will love. We cater to many Cuisines and have the ability to provide food for any dietary.

(Minimum 20 Guests)

Served by Staff


State Tax

$55 per Guest


Choose Two main:

1. Sirloin of Beef Bites and Beef Gravy


2. Seasonal Vegetable's, Rice and Yellow Curry served with (Jasmine Rice)


3. Lemon BUTTER Sliced Chicken Breasts and Herbs


4. Lemon Butter Salmon Filets


Buffet Sides:

Choice Two:

1. Golden Tri Color Roasted Mini Potatoes

2. Buttery Mashed Potatoes

3. Roasted Broccoli and lemon Zest

4. Green Beans and Feta and White Pearl Onions


Add Tray: (8-10 Guests)

1. Beef Lasagna $85

2. Mac n Cheese $70

3. Penne Vodka $60


Add Salads: (Minimum 12 Guests)

1. Garden Salad $7 per Guest

2. Caesar Salad $8 per Guest

3. Potato Salad $8 per guest


Corporate Employee and Client Lunch Barbecues:

Served by Staff

20% Gratuity

State Tax

All BBQ packages included Lemonade or Iced Tea

Minimum Guests 25 for all BBQ Packages

Summer Time Corporate BBQ

$55 per Guest (25 Min)

1. (Choice 2) Beer Smothered Bratwurst or Chipotle Cheese Sausage, Sweet or Hot Pork Sausage w/ Peppers and Onions

2. All Beef 1/4 pound Beef Burgers and Cheeseburgers

3. Traditional Creamy Cole Slaw

4. Watermelon

5. House made Potato Salad

6. Sliced Burger and Hot Dog Rolls, BBQ Condiments and Disposable Cutlery and Plates.

For Additional Cost Upgrade to China and Stainless Cutlery and Cloth Napkins.


The Mixed Grill Corporate BBQ:

Served by Staff
20% Gratuity

State Tax

($55 per Guest) (Minimum 25 Guests)


1. Grilled Sliced Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

2. Southern Style Pulled BBQ Pork or Grilled Hot and Sweet Italian Sausage (with Peppers and onions, Italian Rolls)

3. Jerk Boneless Chicken Thighs or Garlic Herb Chicken Thighs

4. House Made Red Bliss Potato Salad

5. Traditional Creamy Cole Slaw or Bourbon Baked Beans

6. Corn Bread with Butter. BBQ Condiments. (Disposable Plates and Cutlery.

Additional Cost to Upgrade to China and Stainless Cutlery and Cloth Napkins.


Backyard Corporate BBQ

$55 per Guest (min 25)

All Beef Hot Dogs

1/4 Pound Beef Burgers and Cheeseburgers

Lettuce and Sliced Tomatoes, Sliced Onions, Condiments

Cole Slaw

Macaroni Salad

Baked Beans

Potato Chips



Tasty Bites Signature Corporate Barbecue

$65 Per Guest (Min 25)

BBQ Baby back Ribs

Our Famous Smoked Steak Bites

Grilled BBQ Chicken or Teriyaki Chicken w/ Pineapple

Fresh Garden Salad w/ Italian Dressing

Cowboy Beans or Mac n Cheese

Corn Bread and Butter


This Ain't your Traditional Corporate BBQ

$70 per Guest (Min 25)

Cheery Bomb Caprese Salad

Mojo or Teriyaki Chicken w/ Pineapple

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Our Famous Smoked Steak Tips or Garlic Herb Steak Bites

Tri color Pasta Salad or Roasted Mini Potatoes

Sweet and Spicy Noodles or Grilled Vegetable Medley

Rolls and Butter or Corn Bread and Butter


The Hawaiian Corporate Party

$55 per Guest (Min 25)

Kahlua Pulled  Pork 

Teriyaki Chicken w/ Pineapple Mango 

Tropical Fruit Salad

Mandarin Orange Coleslaw

Pineapple Macaroni Salad

Grass Skirts and Leis 


South of the Border Corporate BBQ

$55 per guest (Min 25)

Nacho Chips and Warm Cheese

Make your own Tacos with Chicken and Beef:

Soft shells, Lettuce, Salsa, Diced Onion, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, jalapenos.

Mexican Street Corn

Corn Bread

Rice and Beans